An Introduction to NLGI - USA, formerly known as National Lubricating Grease Institute


NLGI-USA is doing yeoman service to grease related industry since 1933. At present its activities have spread over more than 50 countries having more than 400 corporate members. Major petroleum companies viz, Mobil, Shell, Castrol, Caltex, BP etc. are member of this non-profit organisation. The main objective of this society is to bring grease industry related personnel on a common platform. Recently many local chapters have also opened up to spread the philosophy of NLGI-USA, which are directly or indirectly associated with NLGI. eg. Latin American Grease Institute, Japan Lubricating Grease Institute, European Lubricating Grease Institute etc. and now NLGI-India Chapter.

An Introduction to ELGI (European Lubricating Grease Institute)

It was formed to promote the understanding of all matters concerning Lubricating Grease and it associate products. To facilitate the exchange of information concerning design, manufacture and use, handling and selling Lubricating Grease between all interested organisations and individuals in the European continent.

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Beginning of NLGI-India Chapter

Total worldwide lubricating grease production is approx 1.0 million ton/year. Where Indian grease market is over 1,00,000 ton/year which is approx 8 - 10% of total worldwide volume. Unlike other major countries where demand of lubricants has witnessed stagnation, Indian lubricant market has posed 5-7% growth. In view of this the board of NLGI - USA decided to open its India Chapter in 1996. Formally India Chapter of National Lubricating Grease Institute opened up in 1997 with Indian Oil Corporation Ltd, R & D Centre, as its HQ and Dr. A.K. Bhatnagar, former Director (R & D), Indian Oil Corporation Ltd as founder president.


Objectives of NLGI-India Chapter

  • To render advice ( technical or otherwise ) to Government and commercial bodies on matters pertaining to lubricating greases, grease specifications and applications when over needed or requested.
  • To disseminate information concerning the developments in lubricating greases and their application through lectures, education courses and workshops and to bring technorrats, grease industry representatives, raw material suppliers, packagers and users to a common forum.
  • To promote the understanding of all matters related to lubricating greases in India and to facilitate the exchange of information concerning lubricating greases between all interested organizations and individuals.
  • To promote research & development in all aspects of lubricating greases.
  • To establish an active association of all those persons, bodies, institutions and industries interested in the growth of grease industries.
  • To promote, encourage and develop the growth of lubricating greases and its applications.

About The Headquarters : Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. ( R&D Center )

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Mr. Sudhir Sachdeva
NLGI-India Chapter.

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